Partnership Requirements

Partnership Requirements for myCenter

We are so ecstatic that you are considering partnering with myCenter. We have a few requirements for partnering, you can find those attached below.

Our Requirements

Starred requirements are fully required in order to secure a partnership with myCenter.
Requirements without a star are optional.

  • Discord Server with 500+ active members. *
  • Roblox Group with at least 1000+ members and 500 active members. *
  • Professional Leadership or Managerial Staff
  • Exceptional Moderation and support systems (if needed),
  • Abide by Roblox, Discord and myCenter policies. *

If you meet the above requirements: please create a support ticket as well as take a look below for perks!

Partner Perks

myCenter loves their Partners; however, depending on availability and space: some or all of these features might be unavailable. Once you become an Official myCenter Partner: you will be told which of these perks are available.

Guaranteed Perks

  • Custom Unique Roblox Auto-ranking Bot
  • Discord Role
  • Roblox Group Role
  • Priority Discord Support
  • A server wide announcement about your group on our Discord server, completely written by you
  • BETA Access (For new versions of myCenter)

Perks subject to change depending on situation.

Possible Perks

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